Monday, March 29, 2010


blog_foto_March 083

I have seen in various project 365 blogs...they all took thier own its my turn..Me with no/less makeup

Pizza Stack

blog_foto_March 046

As I mentioned in one of my previous we had a party for Senthil B'day on Sunday...

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Family Shopping in Prime outlet Mall Lee,Ma

blog_foto_March 041

We went out for a shopping in a outlet mall..Usually we buy lot of stuff..This time is less shopping..But I bought some nice pair of jean from van Heusen for a deal price..

Easter Decorated Christmas tree

blog_foto_March 040

As i mentioned in one of my previous post..The christmas tree in my aisle is decorated according to the season..

Its Pav-Bhaji Night

blog_foto_March 039

Arizona Pizza @ Clifton park,Ny

blog_foto_March 038

This is the statue outside the Arizona Pizza..I love thier wood fired Pizza..A Mouthwatering Pizza!

My Sweet Heart Birthday

blog_foto_March 032 is my hubby sweet sweet Sweet!We cut the cake @12:00..I made Kheer in the Morning!Simple celebration...Big b'day party for him ahead!I Love you Dear..You are my soul-mate!

Getting ready for a bike ride

blog_foto_March 031

This is my son Adarsh..We bought him a new bike last night..So he was excited to ride that..

Sunday, March 21, 2010

A good feast

blog_foto_March 025

I made this wonderful feast today for some of our friends!

Bunch of lovely flowers

blog_foto_March 024

I love fresh flowers...I will buy it ofen and love it as much as I can..

New Home construction in our Housing Development Area

blog_foto_March 019

This is the new home construction in our developement..It reminds me of those days where we used to come and visit ofen while our home was at this level..

My office antique phone

blog_foto_March 014

This is my phone in my office..which I barely use

Beautiful Sunny Wednesday

blog_foto_March 013

It was a beautiful Wednesday with lovely skies ...Gorgeous Day!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

hmm...still Tuesday..

While I was little bored I took a break and went out for a walk ..ohh what a day with a nice warm sun..This is my office ..Newyork State Dept of Taxation and Finance..Right next to my office you can see a small building that is my son,s day care..I can able to see his daycare through my window..What a working mom need more that this?

Hectic Monday

This is my office interior.My aisle is called as Christmas tree aisle,where this tree dressed up depending upon the season.. like in Feb it will filled up with hearts ..This is March so its in St.Patrick day's theme

Sunday, March 14, 2010

A gift for our Neighbor Son

blog_foto_March 010

As I have seen lot of my fellow bloggers are doing the 365 project,I felt like why dont I start one,so here it is Priya 365..I was thinking of doing this for the past two months..Finally I started today..I am going to post one picture every day..

This one I bought for our neighbor also our friend's son Vrishin..